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Mittwoch, 23. Januar 2019, 12:17

Voyage of inspiration

Rundmail aus unserem Clubverteiler (TSPS):

A Friend of TSPS is about to embark on a unique voyage from San Diego to Fukushima. He's been preparing for this voyage for several years, and his sailing mate is on his second attempt to traverse the Pacific.

Sail World Cruising wrote, "OCC Associate Member and Skipper Doug Smith and his good friend Hiro Iwamoto are scheduled to sail across the Pacific non-stop from San Diego to Fukushima, Japan with a departure date scheduled for February 24th in Dream Weaver, a 41 foot Island Packet. The interesting component here is that Doug is the novice sailor and Hiro is the experienced skipper, but one who happens to be completely blind. This will be Doug's qualifying ocean voyage for Full Membership in the Ocean Cruising Club. This is not Hiro's first attempt."

Click on the link to learn more about their journey, and how you can follow their progress if you'd like.

They are also supporting several organizations to assist people with blindness and other handicaps. You can support these organizations and they will receive matching funds from Voyage of Inspiration up to the specified limit.

We hope to host the crew upon their successful completion of the trip at one of our gatherings.

Fair winds.

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